Skittles reminder – Sat 29th Sept Barley Mow Walderton

Skittles reminder – Sat 29th Sept Barley Mow Walderton

Andy Palmer has arranged another skittles evening at the Barley Mow Walderton on Saturday 29th September. We aim to start bowling at 7pm.

Cost will be £11 per head, which includes skittles and a buffet typically consisting of: Vegetarian Quiche, Sliced Turkey & Ham, Sausage Rolls, Potato Salad, Pesto Pasta (Gluten Free), Chunky Chips, Ciabatta & Butter, Olives & Hummus, Marinated Chicken Drumsticks, Garden salad.

It’s just a fun social evening, no serious skittles competitions, and a raffle with non-modelling prizes. There are plenty of places available so feel free to invite family and friends, the more the merrier. Please contact Andy if you’re interested.

GDPR Privacy Notice added to Membership page

In order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the club has appointed John Wheeley as Data Protection Compliance Manager. John has produced a Privacy Notice for the club which has been sent electronically to all members.  It has also been added to the Membership page of this website, to see the Notice simply go the the Membership page or click HERE

NO FLYING Sunday 13th May – Field being used as car park

The South Downs Green Fair 2018 will be held at the Sustainability Centre on 13th May.

As with previous years our field will be used as a car park so there will be NO FLYING.  At a recent club meeting we discussed the possibility of flying to maybe attract some new members. Unfortunately, because of the previous negative attitudes of the parking marshalls and drivers it was decided it wasn’t possible to ensure flying could be conducted safely so there will be NO FLYING.

Club meetings start 8.30pm – British Summer Time

Now the clocks have gone forward an hour the start time of the meetings will be pushed back to 8.30pm (previously 8pm). This will give the more capable fliers time to fly suitable models at Buriton before the club meetings begin.  The meeting start time will revert to 8pm when the clocks go back again in October.

Petition for Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club – Please sign

Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club has been based at Daedalus Airfield at Lee 0n the Solent for almost 70 years but it’s continued use is now under threat because of the actions of Fareham Borough Council as they try to commercialise the airfield. The club is open to civilians as well as naval personnel.

In the past PAM has had quite close ties to PNGC and on a couple of occasions members have visited the airfield for a tour of the facilities and pleasure flights. They have a good website with loads of information, to see it CLICK HERE

There is a petition to keep the Club at the airfield and you can find it HERE  Please sign it you’d like to see gliding continue at Daedalus.

2018 Club build – the Mini Blitz

This years club model has been chosen and it’s… insert drum roll here… the Mini Blitz, a free plan from the December 2017 edition of RCM&E. It’s a very simple 3 channel delta built from balsa that can be knocked up in just a short space of time. The magazine article is by Shaun Garrity and he’s reviving an old design by D S Ridgway which was powered by one of those old fashioned glowplug engines. If you don’t have the magazine and need a plan speak to Woody, he should be able to help you out. The plan actually has two versions, the Mini Blitz and the Micro Blitz, you can build whichever you like although I think most will go for the Mini Blitz. No need to stick exactly to the construction shown on the plan, just keep the outline the same.

There is a long running Mini Blitz thread on the RCM&E forum, you can read it by clicking HERE, it will give you loads of ideas for the powertrain etc. Here are a couple of examples that I’ve pinched from the forum:

You can see the simplicity of construction in this one being built by forum member brfc7786615Here’s a completed one belonging to Kevin Fairgrieve786406I know some PAM members have already completed theirs and several more are under construction. If, like me, you haven’t started yet there’s still plenty of time to get one built. They need to be ready for judging at the ‘show & tell’ club meeting on 3 May and, weather permitting, the first flights will take place the following Sunday, 6 May.

The magazine article says they can be built in a day so you’ve still got plenty of time to build one. So no excuses, get the scalpel out and Blitz it…groan!

Field Safety Rules updated

The Field Safety Rules have been updated as was agreed at the AGM on 25 January 2018.

The changes are:

Rule 5, the part in red has been added.

5. Flying Hours to be from 10am until 9pm, no noisy planes e.g. I.C. or EDF after 6pm. No more than 3 I/C powered aircraft to be in the air at any one time.  4 aircraft may be flown when one or more is electric powered, or 5 if at least one is a glider or electric powered sailplane.  

Rules 9 and 11 are new rules, they have been inserted and the existing rules renumbered accordingly.

9. The patch is not to be used for take-off, landing or low passes while mowing or rolling is taking place. Flying may continue, but the patch is not to be used.

11. When flying at sites other than Chidden Down (e.g. the sports field at Buriton), the pilots should form a line with their backs to spectators and the pits area, with at least 10 paces spacing between the pilots’ line and pits.

To see the full list of rules click on Flying Rules at the top of the page.


Santa’s Christmas Message

Santa has been keeping a watchful eye on the club all year and now has a Christmas message for all the members:CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Competitions Page updated

The Competition Page has been updated with the results of the Kung Fu Concours, and also with the latest scores in the various ongoing Fun Fly events. Click on the Competitions tag at the top of the page.

The first flights of the Kung Fu’s will take place on Sunday 8th October, don’t miss all the excitement!

Trial rule amendment for thermal soarers

It was decided at the club meeting on 24th August 2017 to make a trial change to the rule concerning the number of models allowed to fly at once. At present the rule allows 3 models to fly at once, or 4 if at least one is electric powered. As almost all our models are now electric powered this means effectively means 4 models can fly at once.

But there is currently an upsurge in popularity of electric powered thermal soarers and they can happily fly for long periods, so could prevent others flying despite mostly being fairly high and out of the way of others models. As they are gliding for nearly all of their flight there is no noise issue.

So it’s been decided to trial a change allowing 5 models to fly at once as long as at least one is a thermal soarer. This means proper soarers, not hotliners or models like Spirits that look like gliders but happily scream around doing aerobatics etc in the same airspace as other powered models.

If the trial is deemed to be a success the change will become permanent at the AGM next year.