Club Meetings

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  • Next meeting Thurs 13th Dec - Subs night & "Christmas Night with the Stars Part 2"

    It's that time of the year again, subs are due so come along to the next meeting on Thursday 13th December, look big and pay up. BMFA subs have risen by £4 so the combined BMFA & PAM subs are £96 this year. If you pay your BMFA subs directly ...

  • Next meeting Thurs 29th Nov - Ron Vears' Lancaster

    At the meeting on Thursday 29th November Ron Vears will present the second part of his Lancaster build blog. Ron is building the Lanc from the Tony Nijhuis plans and at 72" (1829mm) wingspan it's quite a build. Ron's blogs are of a similarly high st...

  • Next meeting Thurs 18th Oct - It's All About Me!

    Most, if not all PAM members have an interest in full-size aviation and many have had various aviation experiences over the years that have increased their interest in modelling. At the meeting on Thursday 18th October Andy Palmer will be telling y...

  • Next meeting Thurs 4th Oct - Choose the New Club Build and All About Ailerons

    At the meeting on 4th October, we'll select a design for the next Club Build. We want to choose a model that lots of members will build over the winter so come along and make your feelings known. Do you have any ideas of a suitable model? Speak up, bri...

  • Next meeting Thurs 20th Sept - Learn all about 3D Printing

    At the meeting on 20th September, Mark's colleague Chad Roberts will give a presentation on 3D printing. Come along and find out how this new technology can help us create models in ways which were never before possible! If all goes well, there will...

  • Next meeting Thurs 23rd Aug - Barbados Concorde Experience

    At the next club meeting on Thusday 23rd August PAM member Mike Creamer will we telling (and showing) us all about his trip to the Concorde Experience in Barbados. Who'd have thought it, I didn't know there was a Concorde there, did you? Mike will e...

  • Next meeting Thurs 9th August - General Aviation Quiz

    At the meeting on Thursday 9th August ex PAM member Peter Mason is going to run a General Aviation quiz for us. Peter was a PAM member until about 35 years ago and it's great to see him return to do the quiz for PAM, please make an extra effort to come...

  • Next meeting Thurs 26th July - Farnborough photo night

    At the meeting on Thursday 26th July Mark will show some photos of his visit to the 2018 Farnborough Airshow. There will also be a few other interesting snippets as well to keep you all entertained. Meeting starts at 8.30pm

  • Next meeting Thurs 12th July - Chuck Glider Competition & more!

    This popular event will be held on Thursday 12th July on the field behind the village hall at Buriton.  Its easy, simply build or buy your own glider (depending on how competitive you’re feeling) bring it down to the field and have a laugh with the...

  • Next meeting Thurs 14th June - Ron Vears' Lancaster

    At the meeting on Thursday 14th June Ron Vears will be bringing along his partly completed Avro Lancaster and telling us about the trials and tribulations of the build so far. One not to be missed, meeting starts at 8.30pm.

Older Meetings

Club Nights at Buriton Village Hall 2018

The club meets every other Thursday night in Buriton village hall.  The Club Room is open from 7:30pm through out the year for informal meeting.         Formal business starts at:

8pm During Winter Months (GMT)  / 8:30pm During Summer Months (BST)

Dates for 2018 are listed below:-
Club meetings give the opportunity to update members on current club activities and events.
Meetings also include, talks, raffles, quizzes, plus discussions on modelling and flying.

11 January
8 February
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Ron showing the latest update to his Vulcan

Ron showing the latest update to his Vulcan

Quick engine test

Quick engine test

John Warren, giving his talk on model steam engineering


Tony Neal, giving his talk on Pyrotechnics

Mick Harper and his foam cutter

Colonel ‘Bud’ Marconi .


June 9th, Steve giving his mixing demo.


Question Master John in action.


Nick and his 35% Extra 260.


Mick’s Lanc gets a check over.