COVID-19 UPDATE – 11th May

The BMFA have updated their guidance for model flying following the Government’s relaxation of their “stay at home” rules.  You can read the update here:, which is based on:

The Patch grass is quite long and this will prevent most models from ROG launches and also the bullocks are in the field.  We should adhere to the Government / BMFA guidelines which means only two Members can be at the Patch at any one time; this means that cutting the grass – which will have to be removed from the Patch – is probably not an option.  We also don’t want Members to turn up on the off-chance of flying as this will lead to wasted journeys and, understandably, frustration.

The Committee have agreed the following plan:

Two Members at the Patch at any one time who are socially distanced and follow the BMFA guidelines. As there will only be two Members, when the bullocks are in the field flying can take place from within the main Patch fence with landings where so ever you choose.

In an effort to provide all those who wish to fly with equal opportunity the Chairman will run a booking sheet.  In this way if for example you fly on a Wednesday, unless there are no takers for the following day or days, you won’t get a slot to fly again until all who have requested one have flown.  If you cannot take up your allotted slot then if it’s for the following day or two please use the Club’s WhatsApp Group to alert other Members who may wish to take the slot.  Priority for slots at weekends will go to those who can’t fly during the working week.

Some other points of detail relating to the proposals above:

If you wish to fly on the following day the Chairman will need to be informed by 8:00pm at the latest and if there is a free slot he will advise you by text message.  To do this he will need your mobile number so please included it. Please plan ahead if you can.

Whilst the weather looks very reasonable for the next 7 to 10 days, this can change and if you are unfortunate enough to choose a day that subsequently becomes un-flyable, then you’ll just have to take the next available slot.

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