As the Government’s limit on socially distanced groups is now 30 people we can remove the restriction on numbers. We have sufficient materials to create any size of pen for the pits should it be required.  However we will continue to maintain a booking system as should a Member be unfortunate enough to contract the virus, we will have a record as to who was at the Patch with him and so can advise those concerned of the need to self-isolate or get a test.  It will also allow any member who is concerned about flying in larger groups to avoid such days.  To this end Mark has kindly created a calendar that can be viewed by all Members in order to see who is attending on any given day. Members have been emailed the link but if you need it again please email John Wheeley,

Please note: You cannot edit the sheets; that can only be done by emailing John and he will add your name to the appropriate day.  Please give him as much notice as possible and if you decide not to attend it would help if you let him know.
When you open the calendar it will probably open at January 2020.  At the bottom are a series of tabs with every month for 2020.  Click on the month you wish to look at.
If you are uncomfortable with accessing this sheet just email John and he’ll tell you what’s happening.

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